2021 Winners and Finalists

Access & Scaffolding Specialist of the Year

Winners: Benchmark Scaffolding
Highly commended: Millcroft


  • Benchmark Scaffolding
  • Lee Marley Brickwork
  • LTC Scaffolding
  • Millcroft
  • PHD Access
  • WellMax Scaffolding

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Apprentice of the Year

Winners: Zak Stephens, Measom Dryline
Highly commended: Calum Harrison, Fife Council Building Services


  • Matthew Allen, Vibro Menard
  • Elliott Butcher, Nationwide Platforms
  • Stuart Garbutt-Mortimer, Lee Marley Brickwork
  • Calum Harrison, Fife Council Building Services
  • Rian Richardson, Fife Council Building Services
  • Zak Stephens, Measom Dryline
  • Danielle Taylor, P Flannery Plant Hire 
  • Luke Thornton, GGR Group 

Community Engagement Award

Winners: Sanctus

  • Beattie Passive
  • Dymacore  
  • Erith Contractors 
  • Oxford Safety Components
  • Sanctus 

Demolition Specialist of the Year

Winners: Cantillon

  • Cantillon
  • Cawarden
  • Erith Contractors 

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Digital Construction Excellence

Winners: Ardent Hire Solutions
Highly commended: Lucas UK Group

  • Ardent Hire Solutions
  • Cementation Skanska
  • Kane Group
  • Lucas UK Group

Editor's Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Pandemic

Winners: Lucas UK Group

Equipment Specialist of the Year

Winners: VPS UK

  • Ardent Hire Solutions
  • Bennetts Cranes
  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Novus48
  • VPS UK
  • Velo Tech Systems

Ground Engineering Specialist of the Year

Winners: Erith Contractors

  • Erith Contractors
  • JLES Group
  • McCoy Contractors
  • Sanctus

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Excellence

Winners: Cantillon

  • Ardent Hire Solutions
  • Cantillon
  • Erith Contractors
  • Lorne Stewart Group
  • Lucas UK Group
  • Millcroft
  • SSE Contracting
  • VPS UK

Innovation of the Year (Contractor)

Winners: Cementation Skanska, Zero-trim piling

  • Cementation Skanska, Zero-trim piling
  • Edincare Pumps, Drainage fittings
  • Ivor King, Bath Quays 
  • Mabey Hire, EVE
  • Taziker, FRP footbridge innovation
  • VolkerLaser, Fast Beam and V-Deck™

Innovation of the Year (Non-Contractor)

Winners: P Flannery Plant Hire, MachineMaxTelematics
Highly commended: Advante, EcoLogic Solar

  • Advante, EcoLogic Solar
  • Ardent Hire Solutions, Site manager
  • Brilliant Ideas, Net Recovery System
  • Brilliant Ideas, SLAPP Clamp
  • DataScope Systems, Digital collaborative planning
  • GGR Group, Leading the charge for change
  • Novus48, Powertrack 
  • P Flannery Plant Hire, MachineMaxTelematics
  • Red Security Solutions, Halo Access A-Pod
  • Red Security Solutions, Halo Scout
  • Ultrapanel Building Technologies, Ultrapanel ‘Room in the Roof’

MEP Specialist of the Year

Winners: NG Bailey
Highly commended: Kane Group

  • GBE
  • Kane Group
  • King & Moffatt UK
  • Lorne Stewart Group
  • NG Bailey

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Offsite Specialist of the Year

Winners: GBE
Highly commended: Reds10

  • Beattie Passive
  • Caledonian Modular
  • GBE
  • MDSL
  • Metek
  • NG Bailey
  • Reds10
  • Ultrapanel Building Technologies

Outstanding Contribution to Specialist Construction  

Winners: NG Bailey
Highly commended: Lucas UK Group

  • BES
  • Cementation Skanska
  • Lucas UK Group
  • NG Bailey
  • VolkerLaser

Project of the Year by a Specialist Contractor (subcontract from £1m to £5m)

Winners: Geobear, Shugborough Tunnel Shaft Void Filling & Tunnel Lining
Highly commended: David Jameson Roofing Services, Thales Re-Roofing Project

  • Beattie Passive, Hayes Place, Cardiff
  • Celtic Technologies, Innovative Tar Tank Remediation  
  • David Jameson Roofing Services, Thales Re-Roofing Project 
  • DBR London, Palace of Westminster - Encaustic Tiles
  • Geobear, Shugborough Tunnel Shaft Void Filling & Tunnel Lining
  • Metek, Waterfront Plaza Phase 1 
  • Millcroft, Euston Station HS2 Infrastructure 
  • TAC Projects, Bournemouth Gateway  
  • Van Elle, M27 SMP Junctions 4 to 11 
  • Van Elle, Newington Emergency Works

Project of the Year by a Specialist Contractor (subcontract over £5m)

Winners: Pantera Group, Wood Wharf A3 Carpentry & Joinery
Highly commended: NG Bailey, MECD

  • Caledonian Modular, Sir Frederick Gibberd College (SFGC)
  • Cantillon, Blossom Street
  • Careys Civil Engineering, One Nine Elms Sub-Structure, Nine Elms Regeneration
  • EE Smith Contracts, The Londoner
  • Kane Group, Claridge's Hotel
  • Lorne Stewart Group, Mount Oswald Student Accommodation - Durham
  • Metek, Eastwick & Sweetwater - Phase 1 residences
  • Michael Nugent Group, The Grand Hotel Birmingham 
  • NG Bailey, MECD
  • Pantera Group, Wood Wharf A3 Carpentry & Joinery

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Project of the Year by a Specialist Contractor (subcontract up to £1m)

Winners: WellMax Scaffolding, The British Museum

  • Beattie Passive, King Street Retrofit
  • Breyer Group, Stepgates Community School 
  • Cleveland Bridge UK, Torvean Bridge 
  • Fitzgerald Contractors, Shakespeare’s Birthplace Public Realm enhancements, Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Sanctus, SUNRISE Project - River Reinvention 
  • WellMax Scaffolding, The British Museum

Specialist Contractor of the Year (turnover over £25m)

Winners: Cantillon

  • BES 
  • Caledonian Modular
  • Cantillon
  • EE Smith Contracts
  • Erith Contractors 
  • King & Moffatt UK
  • McGee
  • Mivan

Specialist Contractor of the Year (turnover up to £25m)

Winners: Cast Interiors
Highly commended: Specialist Joinery Group

  • Bennett Architectural
  • Cast Interiors
  • JLES Group
  • Millcroft
  • Pantera Group
  • Specialist Joinery Group

Tackling Climate Change Award

Winners: Panthera Group, EnviroHoard
Highly commended: Beattie Passive, Highly energy efficient housing

  • Ardent Hire Solutions, Sustainable plant hire
  • Beattie Passive, Highly energy efficient housing 
  • Byrne Bros, Low carbon concrete
  • General Demolition, Accelerating the change to fully sustainable demolition
  • Panthera Group, EnviroHoard 
  • VPS UK, VPS ECO towers 

Training Excellence

Winners: P Flannery Plant Hire
Highly commended: VGC Group

  • Cleveland Bridge UK 
  • Erith Contractors 
  • Errigal Contracts
  • Measom Dryline
  • Millcroft
  • P Flannery Plant Hire 
  • Severfield 
  • SPV Group
  • VGC Group