Digital Construction Excellence

This award recognises exceptional achievement in the application of digital technology to improve processes, delivery or outcomes in specialist construction.

A&B Engineering
Celebrating Digital Innovations: A&B Engineering's Trailblazing Journey in Specialized Construction Excellence  

A&B Engineering, representing the innovative spirit of the Northwest UK, showcases exceptional achievements in digital construction excellence. Seamlessly integrating BIM and advanced project management systems, they've accelerated project timelines by 20% and reduced rework by 30%. Client satisfaction consistently exceeds 90%, while robust cybersecurity measures mitigate risks by 80%. Their commitment to digital innovation extends to community initiatives, promoting STEM education. Recognized by industry peers and achieving a 15% increase in profitability, A&B Engineering's transformative impact sets new benchmarks for excellence in specialized construction.

Digital construction program to boost productivity and deliver fast-track solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech facilities  

We invested more than £200,000 in digital technology, and over 100 staff members received training through new in-house programs The incorporation of dynamic feedback and learning in digital construction pilot projects ensured a structured approach to stakeholder buy-in. This approach led to tangible process improvements that increased design productivity by 25%, improved project delivery handover timings by 10%, and enhanced SHEQ performance by freeing up 40% capacity of Construction Managers. As a result, customer satisfaction ratings improved to greater than 82%. The company also received external independent endorsement through a highly acclaimed and rare ISO19650 BIM accreditation.

Blackwell Earthmoving
Driving Digital Transformation in Earthworks: Blackwell's Success Story

Our submission stands out for its exceptional performance and competitive distinction in the earthworks subcontractor industry. From our innovative anti-idle initiatives to our advanced digital solutions, we have consistently raised the bar, setting new standards for excellence and innovation. We are proud to showcase significant savings of up to 20% in cost, fuel consumption and carbon emissions through leveraging telematics data and the innovative application of digital technologies, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be considered for the Digital Excellence Award, recognising our unwavering commitment to digital innovation and transformative impact in the earthworks industry.

Houston Cox Central
The Houston Cox H&S App  

Carpentry and joinery specialist Houston Cox has developed a bespoke H&S app that enables 90% of the company's H&S-related tasks to be conducted digitally. For the first time in its 30-year history, Houston Cox can now monitor company-wide H&S performance in real-time. The app's comprehensive functionality supports onboarding, e-learning, incident reporting, health monitoring, and more, significantly reducing administrative tasks and paper use. Crucially, the app can automatically identify non-compliance and trends, providing Houston Cox with insights to refine its strategy. Since the app’s release, the business has achieved 250,000 hours without a reportable accident.


Embarking upon a bespoke digital transformation project with our providers we sought to fully integrate our working systems, creating a completely fluid, cloud-based workflow. Working with Procore, InnDex, BidWork and SustainIQ, we achieved our requirements, generating maximum value from the software employed. We’ve reduced environmental impact and can collate real-time construction data for both individual project and cross-business reporting and can now decipher trends in deliverables and guarantee the highest level of quality and compliance. Becoming a digital contractor has instigated collaborative working, a transparency of information and has reduced time spent on administration, allowing for continual improvement and innovation.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Construction  

PCE distinguishes itself through its steadfast dedication to enhancing and advancing its digital capabilities, evident in its proactive expansion of digital teams and substantial investments in technology. By employing cutting-edge digital twin track and trace technology, PCE revolutionizes accuracy and efficiency in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). Moreover, its adeptness in capturing, collating, and analysing vast amounts of data facilitates continuous improvement across the value chain. This commitment not only benefits PCE but also extends advantages to its supply chain partners and holds potential for transformative impacts on the wider industry, particularly in enhancing Golden Thread compliance.